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Archive for May, 2021

Why You Need Window Graphics for Your Business

Friday, May 28th, 2021
window graphics for your business american solar tinting

We here at American Solar Tinting offer custom corporate logos and graphics for glass windows, walls, and doors.

Do you want some new advertisements for your business? Is your storefront missing something? If so, you may want to consider investing in window graphics for your business. Window graphics are a great way to get your company name out there while taking advantage of your window space. We here at American Solar Tinting offer custom corporate logos and graphics for glass windows, walls, and doors. Our films come in a variety of designs and patterns, so you will have no trouble finding the perfect window film for your business. Window displays can be an artistic and beautiful way of using your windows to benefit your business. Here are a few advantages of window graphics.


How to Choose the Best Solar Tinting for your Building

Friday, May 21st, 2021
american solar tinting window tinting

Solar tinting can co completely change the look of your building, so it’s important to make a good decision.

There have been so many studies that show that the more natural light a commercial building has, the more motivated and ready-to-work employees remain throughout the day. There are even studies that suggest that natural light can help to prevent those awful office headaches and migraines that are caused by looking at computer screens for an extended period of time. However, a lot of natural light can also mean a high amount of heat coming in through the windows, which can lead to increased air conditioning use. In addition, light from the sun can lead to furniture and other items becoming sunbleached, which is only amplified through a reflective windowpane. This situation can be mostly solved through the use of solar tinting for your business’s windows! However, it might be hard to determine just what kind of solar tinting fits best with your business environment and design. Want to make a good decision about your commercial solar tinting? Make sure to ask yourself these questions first! (more…)

How Window Tinting Maintains Privacy

Friday, May 14th, 2021
american solar tinting window tinting

Want to have some natural light in your bathroom, but worried about privacy? Contact us about privacy window tinting today.

Windows are a must-have in any home. They provide lots of natural light, means of ventilation and can showcase an especially nice view into the great surroundings of your home. However, some families feel that they just don’t want their daily lives exposed to their neighbors looking through the windows, especially in more intimate areas of the home like the bathroom or dressing area. A lot of the time, windows are already pre-installed in these rooms from the initial construction of the house. Sure, there are blinds and curtains, but these block out the natural light of the windows that so many people desire in their homes. Luckily, there is tinting for privacy. Here’s why window tinting is one of the best solutions to privacy concerns in your home. (more…)

Why Window Tint Film is an Energy-Efficient Solution

Friday, May 7th, 2021
american solar tinting window tint film

Window tint film still lets in a lot of light, but filters out the heat. Feel free to grow those plants you’ve always wanted by the sink.

Having an energy-efficient household is everything these days– not only for the environment’s sake, but it can also help lower the financial burden of all the various bills you must pay each month. For example, water usage bills are trending lower and lower every day thanks to innovative solutions like water-conserving dishwashers, toilets, and washing machines. Even new light bulb technology has been developed over time to make sure that only the minimum amount of energy is used to light up space. With that, energy-efficient windows are also produced, but there’s one catch– they are SUPER expensive. Plus, they aren’t as easy to replace as a washing machine or lightbulb. But thankfully, there is an easy and cost-effective workaround– window tint film! Make your house more energy-efficient by adding window tint film to your windows. Here’s how it works. (more…)

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