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Archive for July, 2023

Are There Benefits Or Drawbacks To Mirrored Window Film?

Friday, July 28th, 2023
American Solar Tinting Mirrored Window Film

Is mirrored window film worth the investment? It has some great benefits for both homes and businesses, but the drawbacks should be considered before you commit.

There are lots of different options when it comes to window films for use in homes or businesses. The different films that are available have different uses and benefits. Films that tint windows and block UV rays can decrease the danger and damage of sun exposure while also helping to regulate cooling costs and promoting privacy. Security films protect people in the event of a broken window by containing the shards of glass. Decorative films have a variety of aesthetic uses and can improve curb appeal. One decorative film that has become popular on social media lately is one-way mirrored window film. But what are the benefits and drawbacks of such a window film?


Using Decorative Window Films In Businesses

Friday, July 21st, 2023
American Solar Tinting Decorative Film Businesses

Decorative films can be a bigger boon to businesses than many might expect by adding an aesthetic element and breaking up spaces in an open floor plan.

Open-concept floor plans are still incredibly popular, not just in homes but also in businesses. Open floor plans lend themselves to allowing collaboration and encouraging fluid space sharing in offices. Open floor plans in retail locations make it easy to change the look of your shop to match the season or for sales. But sometimes, in any business, you need space that can be private and doors that can be shut. Glass walls are an amazing tool for making rooms that blend seamlessly into an open floor plan office. You don’t want those walls to blend in too well, however, and that’s where decorative window films come in. There are many different ways that your business can use decorative window films to enhance the look of your space. Read on for some great ideas. 


How Window Films Can Protect Your Home

Friday, July 14th, 2023
American Solar Tinting Window Film Protect Your Home

Window film can protect your home, your belongings, your family, and even you!

Your home is likely one of, if not the, biggest investment you’ve ever made. It’s not just the cost of the mortgage, but all the time and money you’ve put into improving, maintaining, and decorating the inside of the house. All of the time and money spent are what turned the simple house into the home that you love. It makes sense that you want to protect all of that investment. Professionally installing window films on your windows is one way to do that while also improving the curb appeal of your home. Window films have lots of surprising benefits, and how well they can protect the things in your home is one of them.


Beat That Summer Heat With Window Film

Friday, July 7th, 2023
American Solar Tinting Summer Heat Window Film

Window film can be an amazing addition to any home or business if installed correctly, helping you beat the summer heat and bolster privacy.

For all those people who love the summer and were complaining that we hadn’t really started to have summertime weather, you’ve finally gotten your wish. But for the people who would much rather be indoors with the AC running, it is pretty hot and miserable out there. If your HVAC system can’t keep up with the heat, there actually is something you can do to give it a hand. Installing UV filtering window films on your existing windows can help. Installing window films is much cheaper than replacing all of the older windows that you have. Plus, having these window films professionally installed will help you to avoid the common DIY issues that arise with the product and you will still get a product that helps save you money on the cost of cooling your home or commercial building.


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