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Causes and Prevention for Furniture Fading

Causes and Prevention for Furniture Fading

Sunlight can infiltrate furniture’s interior, causing it to lose its original color and fade. Read on to learn about furniture fading and how to prevent it.

Homeownership is a significant milestone. Homeowners have the opportunity to marvel at the beauty of their homes, in particular, their dazzling furniture. High-quality furniture can be expensive. Therefore, it can be frustrating if the furniture discolors or loses its luster. Large windows bring in natural sunlight, highlighting and enhancing beautiful couches, sofas, tables, and rugs. These elements play off each other to improve the aesthetics and ambiance of any space. However, sunlight can infiltrate furniture’s interior, causing it to lose its original color and fade. Thus, we’re sharing with you the cause of furniture fading and what you can do to prevent it. 

Why Does Furniture Fade?

Various solar spectrums cause changes in furniture’s color. Some elements cause more damage than others. However, the entire range of the solar spectrum is responsible for discoloration. Heat and infrared light cause about 25% of all discoloration in homes. Therefore, limiting how much you expose your couches, sofas, tables, and rugs to the sun is best.

Visible light is another reason tables, couches, and sofas don’t return to their original color. Visible light, as it sounds, is the rays of sunlight you see when the sun appears. However, the primary source behind furniture fading is harmful UV rays. UV ray light is something you can’t see or feel. However, it is responsible for 40% of all furniture fading. Consider what UV rays do to the skin when a person doesn’t wear sunscreen or enough of it.

A common misconception is that Ultraviolet light isn’t present when it’s cold. While UV rays are strongest on a hot day, this solar spectrum is always in existence. Also, some clouds reflect more sunlight to intensify UV rays. Other causes behind furniture fading include interior lighting, pollutants, outdated furniture, and humidity. 

Prevention of Furniture Fading

Fading is inevitable. However, there are many things you can do to reduce it. Here are three actions you can take to protect your valuable decor. 

Invest in Heat Control Window Film 

Heat control window film is a very efficient way to reduce the potential effects of infrared, visible, and UV light entering your home without curtains. Solar window film acts as a shield to block at least 80% of the sun’s heat while preventing up to 99% of Ultraviolet light. Thus, this type of window film prevents furniture from fading too quickly. Also, don’t worry about not window film blocking outside views or not allowing natural sunlight to enter your home still. Your home will still have natural light, and you’ll still be able to see your beautiful neighborhood. 

Purchase Window Treatments 

Another way to prevent or minimize your rugs, sofas, couches, and tables from having luster is by purchasing window treatments. Window treatments could include hanging sliding glass doors, curtains, draperies, blinds, shades, shutters, and awnings. These window treatments also reduce heat when the summer comes, keeping the room comfortable. 

Keep Your Furniture Away from Direct Sunlight 

It’s the most cost-effective method to keep your decorative elements away from direct sunlight. It’s best to place your furniture in shaded areas of your home away from windows and skylights. Consider reorganizing your home to accommodate natural sunlight but not in a way that comes into contact with furniture. 

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