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How to Clean Your Window Film

Below is a guide to the proper way to clean window film.

Window film is the best choice for enhancing the beauty, comfort, and energy efficiency of any room. And even though window film is very low maintenance, you have to take special care when cleaning it. Using the wrong cleaning products can damage your window film. Below is a guide to the proper way to clean window film.

Tools and Materials

The first step to successful cleaning is to use the right tools. You should get a soft lint-free cloth, microfiber or cotton, two spray bottles of distilled water, and a soft squeegee. For cleaning products, you can use something very gentle, like baby shampoo. Never use ammonia or vinegar-based cleaners or tap water, because these can all ruin the surface of the film. Even paper towels can leave behind scratches.

Getting Started

Before you begin cleaning, make sure that you only clean your film in the morning, early evening, or night. The base of window film is mylar, which is temperature-sensitive. In the afternoon, the sun makes it more pliable and likely to be damaged by cleaning. Put just a couple of drops of baby shampoo into one of the spray bottles. You will clean your window film by spraying it down with the soapy solution and rinsing it with the water in the other spray bottle. Make sure that the cloth is damp


Once you first spray it, gently wipe the area with the cloth. At this stage, the goal is to just loosen any spots of dirt and dust, so there is no need to rub or apply pressure. Then you will gently remove the soapy water with the squeegee. Wipe the squeegee in a vertical or diagonal direction, from top to bottom, then wipe away the water that pools at the window sill. To rinse, spray the window film with the plain distilled water. Clean the soap off of the squeegee and then use it to wipe off the water as before. After that, a simple air dry of any remaining water will leave your window film clean and damage-free.

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