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Protect Your Skin From UV Rays With Window Tinting

Sun exposure while driving

Protect Yourself from Harmful UV Rays with a Window Film

This summer, you made sure to apply sunscreen during every beach trip, pool dip, and long outdoor run. You smothered your face and shoulders in SPF 45 to protect your skin from the rays of the sun. You wore visors when mowing the lawn and even purchased one of those floppy straw hats to wear while you read your newspaper outside. We’re now approaching Labor Day, and you successfully made it through a summer without having to apply Aloe to a red, sunburned back. Bravo! You may have a few more freckles on your nose, but your skin is not flaking into your morning cereal. Great job, you!

Whether you took these precautionary measures for reasons of vanity or personal health, it shows that you care about the well-being of your body. If you’re serious enough to wear a t-shirt into the pool, then you’re serious enough to know that those damaging UV rays can affect you inside of your home and your vehicle, too.

Dermatologists have observed that patients in the US sometimes have more sun damage on the left side of their face than the right. Research points to ultraviolet radiation penetrating through car windows.  According to a study done by the Harvard Health Watch, an average American spends 101 minutes per day driving. This is more than an hour and a half of UV exposure on the driver’s left-hand side, permitting that you’re driving during the day.

According to the Skin Cancer Society, UV radiation reaches us in the form of shortwave UVB and long-wave UVA rays, but glass alone only blocks UVB effectively. Car windows are partially treated to filter out UVA, but the side windows let in about 63 percent of the sun’s UVA radiation.

Ways to Protect Yourself

You can go ahead and continue your SPF regiment in your vehicle as well as in your pool. You can wear long-sleeved t-shirts or that floppy hat that you used to read the newspaper with. There is another solution as well:

Tint Your Car Windows

Tinted glass absorbs up to 65 percent of UV rays, which gives an SPF protection of around 16. Rather than remembering to apply sunscreen every morning, you can drive carefree knowing that your skin is already being protected.

Protection for Everyone

More than likely, it isn’t just you riding along in your automobile. By installing a window film, you are protecting the passengers in your vehicle as well. You’ll be able to travel knowing that your friends and family are also protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

American Solar Tinting Offers Professional Car Window Tinting.

As a factory authorized dealer of Vista® and LLumar® window films, we provide our customers with not only the highest quality installations but also the highest quality products. Our solar tinting is professionally installed with no mess, no hassle and minimal disruption.

If you need Car Tinting, especially in preparation for these bright summer months, please call American Solar Tinting today at 1-800-0100. You can also follow American Solar Tinting today onGoogle+PinterestFacebook, and Twitter.


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