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What are the Effects of Sun Exposure?

Here are some of the biggest effects of sun exposure, whether you are outdoors or inside.

One of the best parts of this time of year is getting outside and enjoying warmer weather. And you probably know all about the importance of wearing sunscreen outside to guard against harmful UV rays. But, you might not have heard as much about what UV rays actually do and why sun exposure is so dangerous. Here are some of the biggest effects of sun exposure, whether you are outdoors or inside.

Eye Damage

Sunlight is pretty powerful. And as you can imagine, an energy source that can run generators could do serious damage to the delicate tissue of the eyes. Common injuries from the sun involve burns to the outer layer and corneas of the eyes. Even if you’re not looking directly into the sunlight, prolonged sun exposure can still affect the eyes over time. People can develop cataracts that cause blindness and require surgery to remove.

Skin Aging

The most well-known negative effect of sun exposure is on the skin. The sun’s UV rays are one of the leading causes of skin cancer. That is because of the way the sun reacts to melanin in the skin. Sunlight causes tanning by bringing out the melanin and making skin darker, but too much sun can cause melanin to concentrate in areas, creating sun spots, which could become cancerous over time. Sunburns aren’t just painful; they can be harmful to your skin health. It can tighten the skin unnaturally and cause wrinkles. The skin ages much faster when it isn’t properly protected from sun exposure.

Weakened Immune System

What many don’t know about sun exposure is that it can weaken the immune system. That might sound unlikely, but when you think about how white blood cells work, there is a clear connection. Your body’s immunes system uses white blood cells to fight germs and viruses. But white blood cells also work to protect injuries from infection. Sun exposure-related injuries, especially sunburn, can overwhelm the body and force white blood cells to work harder. All of this added effort your immune system goes through could leave you vulnerable to infections.

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