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Windows and Storm Protection: What You Should Know

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Storm shutters come in various shapes and sizes, such as aluminum and steel, automatic roll downs, accordion-style, colonial, and Bahama shutters.

If you have experienced any storm, you know that windows take much of the brunt of the natural force. Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc in Florida and the Carolinas while causing severe flooding in many other areas of the United States. The catastrophic hurricane has impacted many lives, homes, businesses, and yachts.

 Double or even triple-paned windows are not enough to withstand storm or hurricane winds. Fortunately, many preventative measures can protect your windows if or when a storm arrives. Here is what you should know about storm protection and windows. 

Contact Us to Install Security Window Film

Security window film might not sound all that protective or even flimsy. However, it’s incredibly effective. The polyester film sticks to glass that smashes, preventing thousands of glass fragments from catapulting into your home. The film uses adhesive glue, which bonds them to the glass. Security window film works for many glass types, such as laminated, toughened, and annealed glass. 

Does security window film prevent high-speed tornado winds from destroying an entire window? Yes. The glass stays together and prevents damage to the window frame. After a storm, all you will have to do is replace the pane. 

Invest in Storm Shutters

Window shutters have been trendy for a long time because they add privacy and style to home while allowing a homeowner to control how much natural light enters the house. However, specialized shutters are necessary for frequent storm areas or for any homeowner who merely wants extra protection. 

Storm shutters come in various shapes and sizes, such as aluminum and steel, automatic roll downs, accordion-style, colonial, and Bahama shutters. While differing in style, they all create a heavy shield over glass windows, whether you choose aluminum, steel, or polycarbonate options. 

Apply Plywood

Plywood is a straightforward and cost-effective way to protect your windows. Plywood works when you don’t have the time or resources to implement a long-term storm protection plan. Store plywood at your property to ensure you have the time to bolt or nail the plywood to your windows before a storm emerges. 

You can buy plywood from lumberyards or hardware stores and don’t need a mechanical technician to install it. However, you should know that it takes just as much effort to install plywood as it does to remove it. You have to hammer the plywood into window frames. Plywood also makes homes darker, decreasing visibility. 

Therefore, it’s best to ensure your flashlight has an extra set of batteries. You can also consider preparing a chargeable lamp. Finally, remember to make the plywood larger than both the pane and frame to provide complete coverage during the storm. 

Contact American Solar Tinting today to learn more about and purchase security window film. 


Contact American Solar Tinting Today for Security Window Film

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