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What Are the Benefits of Window Films?

Residential Safety and Security Films in MD, DC & VA

Films are an excellent way to keep your home and business safe and secure.

No matter where you are, feeling safe and secure is a must. Whether you are at home or at work, it’s of paramount importance to know that your well being is protected at all times. While most buildings are well-equipped to ensure the safety of those inside, relatively few people take the time to consider the safety of their windows. Glass, of course, can be vulnerable to a number of elements, leaving you and your loved ones in harm’s way. That’s why the installation of safety and security films for your windows  should become essential throughout your residential and commercial properties.

The installation of safety and security films on your windows protects you from:

  1. Weather- When severe weather strikes, glass never stands a chance. Not only will your windows shatter, but glass will thrown everywhere and your home and office will be left open to the elements. Security films help to hold glass in place and prevent water and debris from entering your home and office.
  2. Accidental Injury- Safety films protect you when glass breaks. Instead of the shards becoming dangerous, safety films keep the glass attached and together so glass doesn’t pose a threat.
  3. Explosions- When an explosion occurs, the most common cause of death after direct impact to the blast is normally glass injuries. Glass being thrown and broken causes severe threats and dangers after any type of explosion. Security films have been proven to be effective during a blast caused by some type of explosion.
  4. Crime- When criminals are looking to enter your home or business, glass is the most inviting point of entrance. Security films prevent the shattering of glass so intruders become discouraged and leave the scene of their attempted crime.

American Solar Tinting is Your One-Stop Shopping Home for Window Films

At American Solar Tinting Inc., we take the safety of you and your loved one very seriously. We partner with the best manufacturers to guarantee our customers the best in safety and security films for their windows. We have been serving the Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia areas since 1958, and continue to grow. To start installing safety and security films in your home and office, call us today at (800)-969-0100 or click here. Follow American Solar Tinting today on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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