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Commercial Window Tinting Can Benefit Your Baltimore Business

Commercial Window Tinting BaltimoreRunning a business is far from easy, especially in Baltimore. There is competition everywhere, making it harder and harder to turn a profit. As a result, some companies will look to trim their budgets wherever they can. This can be something as drastic as laying off employees, or as simple as turning to Commercial Window Tinting over expensive and ineffective blinds and shades.

How Commercial Window Tinting Can Benefit Your Baltimore Business

Maintain Your View

Let’s face it; one of the primary reasons you chose your current office building is because of the view. Unfortunately, in an effort to keep cooling costs at a minimum, you keep your blinds or shades closed at all times. So much for that breathtaking view of the Inner Harbor. Fortunately, there is a solution: window tinting. Instead of covering your windows with solid shades that inhibit your view, why not invest in translucent window tinting,.

Window tinting can block up to 80% of the heat from the sun and reduce energy bills. All of this while letting you enjoy that view!

Block Annoying Glare

Nothing can be more frustrating for your employees than glare. All they want to do is work, but they are having a hard time seeing what they are doing with sunlight bouncing off their computer monitors. This is not only annoying, but it can greatly diminish productivity, which can, in turn, hurt your profitability. The solution: window tinting, which can block up to 95% of glare.

Stop Furniture from Fading

Nothing is more annoying than replacing perfectly good office furniture because it has faded in the sunlight. These are expenses that you simply cannot afford. Fortunately, window tinting blocks 99% of ultraviolet light, keeping your office furniture safe. Window tinting protects your investments so they last longer, turning saved dollars into increased profits.

Improve Security

Baltimore experiences nearly 30,000 property crimes annually.2012 alone saw 7,770 burglaries, 17,397 thefts, and 3,605 robberies, according to Is your building safe? Window film is designed to hold broken glass in place, even after repeated impacts, greatly improving the security of your commercial facility.

And So Much More!

Commercial Window Tinting in Baltimore

Since 1958, American Solar Tinting, Inc. has served over 46,000 satisfied customers in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. We specialize in commercial window tinting, utilizing the highest quality solar tinting products on the market

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