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The Effects of Glare on Office Productivity, How Window Tinting Can Help

Glare Window Tinting

Glare is a productivity killer in an office. Window tinting can be utilized to help your employees become more efficient and stay healthy.

Did you know that glare is actually a productivity killer in an office?

You may think that tinting windows is just for your 16-year old nephew who got his first car, but window tinting can be utilized in an office to help your employees become more efficient and stay healthy.

Computer Monitors and Glare

There is no way around having to rely on computers in an office, but did you realize that computers could act as a mirror and cause eye discomfort? Windows are a huge source of glare that can bounce light off the computer screen, and this causes your employees to work in awkward positions that can not only cause aches, pains and eyestrain. With commercial window tinting, however, you are able to stop glare from decreasing your employee’s productivity and well-being.

Daylight Vs. Sunlight

Daylight can help your employees feel energized, but sunlight is what causes glares and strained eyes. Sunlight cannot only prevent us from seeing properly, but it can even cause eye damage. Our eyes have a difficult time adjusting to different light levels, so if one side of your office has more windows than others, it could cause problems. Tinted windows let in natural light, but it prevents harmful rays from disrupting your office.

The Negative Effects of Glare

Over time, glare can cause eyestrain, difficulty viewing documents, blurred vision, burning eyes and even headaches. Obviously this isn’t how any business wants an office to function, and business owners want to do the right thing and take care of their employees. Window tinting can help to block 99% of harmful ultraviolet radiation. This not only helps your employees to remain healthy and productive, but it can even cut down your cooling costs by as much as one-third. Tinting office windows has many benefits that savvy business owners are utilizing to create more efficient workplaces.

Office Window Tinting from American Solar Tinting

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