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Maryland Tinting Regulations

Congrats on the new car! But is the tint up to code?

If you’re considering having the windows in your car tinted this fall, you should know that there are endless benefits that come with a professional tint. With tinted windows, your car and your possessions will be better protected. Your skin will not feel the harmful effects of harmful UV rays, strong even during the cold winter months, and the interior of your car will remain protected from any fading caused by the sun. While having your windows professionally tinted, consider the laws associated with tinting in the state that you live. In this particular case, consider the window tint laws associated with Maryland. The following are the regulations that you can find easily on, as published by the MD State police.

Passenger Cars

All windows on your passenger car must meet the 35% light transmittance requirements. The brake light in the back window must remain uncovered by any tint.

Trucks, Vans, SUVs

The only windows regulated on these vehicles are the windows to the left and right of the driver, which must meet the 35% light transmittance requirement. All other windows in the vehicle may be as dark/light as you prefer.


Post manufacture window film cannot be placed on the front windshield below the AS1 mark or 5 inches down horizontally from the top of the windshield whichever is less.

Medical Waiver

Maryland Transportation Article, Title 22 Section 406 allows for an exemption of the 35% light transmittance requirement.

Avoid a Fine

If you feel that your window tint may be too dark for MD, have your windows inspected by us, or drive over to your local police station. Avoid a fine, and ensure that your window tint is legal.

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