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The Power of Curb Appeal (and Commercial Window Tinting)

Curb Appeal Commercial Window Tinting BaltimorePlain and simple, commercial window tinting will aid your business’ curb appeal. Curb appeal makes a home or business pleasing to the eye from afar – essentially, the curb. It is important for a business to maintain its curb appeal to invite customers into the store and give an outward appearance of approachability. Below are other factors that can help improve your business’ curb appeal.

Begin at the parking lot

Are there signs that direct potential clients or customers to your office or store? If not, see what you are able to do about that. Is there a clear path for people to walk on to get to the business? Do some hardscaping to make sure there is. Are your windows tinted darker or lighter? There are many opinions about the shade of a tinted window. Storefronts with clear window tinting are inviting, and darker commercial window tinting exudes an air of elegance. Both are the right answer because they protect sales persons from a sun glare inside. This is useful when they are trying to close a deal (after the customer came indoors because the curb appeal worked).

Next, focus on the outdoor window appearance

If you have a display case, take full advantage of it! Do not use tacky items – make sure the display is thought out and relevant to what you are trying to sell. Doing so will immediately let the customer know what you have to offer and give them a first opinion on the quality of the item or service. If you have commercial window tinting, do you have appropriate signage visible with the business hours? Make sure the lighting and operational information go hand-in-hand so customers can grab the data easily.

What to do when a customer is inside

So your curb appeal got the customer inside the door. Now what? Make sure there is someone in the front to warmly greet the customer. Check to see if the inside appearance of the business matches the outside presentation. Inconsistencies will distract the customer from what you really want them to focus on. A great tip for organizing products is to put items you want to sell most on the right side of the store. More people are right-handed than left and will be more inclined to head towards your key items on the right.

Completion of the purchase and exit

The checkout line in a storefront should be clearly visible, easily accessible, and should have a fairly short wait time. This will guarantee that the customer will not put the item back and leave because of a time constraint. People tend to want instant gratification so the shorter the wait, the more likely they will stay in a positive mood and buy something. In an office building, exit signs should be clearly marked so that clients do not become frustrated when trying to leave. Once customers or clients have left the premises, the curb appeal will kick in again. The parking lot and landscaping should look just as appealing from the office. Don’t forget – people will also notice upon leaving if the windows are clean or dirty. Window tinting will aid in the physical appearance of the glass.

Baltimore Window Graphics

At American Solar Tinting, we offer custom corporate logos and graphics for glass windows, walls and doors. We are an authorized dealer of SOLYX® films, the finest window graphics on the market. Graphics will also boost your curb appeal. American Solar Tinting, Inc. is licensed, bonded, and insured and has served over 46,000 satisfied customers throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC since 1958.

If you have any questions about Window Graphics or Commercial Window Tinting, please call American Solar Tinting today at 1-800-0100. You can also follow American Solar Tinting today on Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

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