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When Glass is Under Stress

Here are some things to watch out for that could damage your window.

There are many different factors that can contribute to breaking the glass in a window. But different types of stress are often a hidden threat to glass. Here are some things to watch out for that could damage your window.

Thermal Stress

You might be familiar with the phenomenon of glass expanding in the heat and contracting in the cold. Several materials in nature behave the same way because of how these changes in temperature affect substances on a molecular level. But what this means for your windows is that extreme temperature changes will make the glass flex and contract too fast, to the point of cracking and breaking. So if it’s a particularly cold winter, be careful not to put a space heater too close to the window.

Tensile Stress

Another are that glass experiences stress is in the amount of tension it experiences. Glass has a high tensile strength, which is the strength of its chemical bonds holding it together. Picture tensile stress like a stretching rubber band. And if that rubber band had even a tiny tear in the side, then all of the stress would concentrate on that weak spot until the entire thing ripped apart. In the same way, even small cracks in glass can spread because of its tensile stress, which is why you should always address any cracks as soon as you can.


Something as simple, and perhaps obvious, as applying external pressure or impact on glass can also introduce unneeded stress. The shifting of your house as it settles will cause some mechanical stress on your windows. For new houses especially, you’ll want to keep an eye on your window panes for cracks. Impacts on your windows are usually the worst case scenario that should be avoided as much as possible. But most windows, especially those with safety glass and security film,  are stronger than they look so as long as you make sure that they’re not experiencing additional stress, then they should hold up to some impacts.

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