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Caring For Your Business Window Films

Caring For Your Business Window Films

Maintaining window films needs to be an important part of the cleaning routine. Check out the do’s and don’t’s of caring for your business window films.

One of the biggest jobs when you own your own business is staying on top of trends and finding new, better ways to cut costs and increase revenue. One thing you may have been considering is improving your windows with commercial business tinting with window films. There are many benefits of commercial window tinting, including improved curb appeal, increased privacy for visitors or clients, and decreased energy costs. Depending on the type of window film, investing in business window tinting with window films might also improve the security of your property. Window films can even be used as part of a branding strategy. If you’re investing in something that can do so much for your business, you also need to learn how to care for it. Caring for and maintaining your business window films needs to be an important part of the cleaning routine you’ve established for the business. Check out some do’s and don’t’s of caring for your business window films.

Do Be Gentle

the biggest thing to remember is to be gentle. You don’t have to scrub hard, and if you do you might damage the film. Clean in gentle, circular motions with a soft cloth and a mild cleaner. Don’t scrub vigorously and don’t use any sharp tools like blades.

Don’t Clean In Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can warm up the film and make it more prone to damage. Save the cleaning task for the evening or a cloudy day.

Do Invest In The Right Tools

Before you begin cleaning, make sure that you have the right tools. They don’t have to be super special or expensive, they just have to be right for the job. As we said above, the process needs to be thorough but also gentle. You don’t need harsh cleaners or abrasive tools. Those will damage your films. Unless your installer says otherwise, a standard, gentle cleaner (like windex) is fine and a soft microfiber cloth and a squeegee will get the job done. Make sure that you have different clothes for the inside and the outside so that you don’t transfer grime from one to the other.

Don’t Forget To Dry

Don’t leave the film et. If you’re using a spray cleaner, spray it on, gently wipe it away, and squeegee off the excess. Don’t forget to get the cleaner that drips down into the window well too.

Do Clean “With The Grain”

When you’re cleaning the are where two pieces of film come together (the splice) have particular care. These areas are going to be easier to damage. Clean in the direction of the splice or seam.

Don’t Skip The Task

Don’t shrug off this chore. It is tempting to keep putting it off because it doesn’t seem as pressing as other things for your business, but caring for your films correctly is the best way to make them last.

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