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Choosing the Right Window Tint Level

Choosing the Right Window Tint Level american solar tinting

In addition to finding the right window tinting company, you also have to choose the right tint level.

Tinted windows are about more than just the style. There are practical reasons for privacy or solar tinting your car, residential, or even commercial windows. In addition to finding the right window tinting company, you also have to decide the level of tinting you want. There are practical considerations about tinting level, as well as legal ones. If you’re considering residential window tinting, you may also be subject to local HOA ordinances. Read on for more tips to choose the correct tinting level for your automotive, residential, or commercial window tinting project.

Dark Tints

Super dark tinted windows are most commonly seen on vehicles. They are often used to protect the privacy of the person inside, but super dark tint can also help prevent eyestrain from sun glare. For businesses, super dark privacy tinting might be a good solution if you need to protect the privacy of clients or customers and you’re stuck with large ground-level windows.  It is important to keep in mind that especially with car windows, there are often laws about how dark a tint can be and sometimes about which windows can be tinted. 

Light Tints

Some people want the benefits of window tinting without having there be any visual effect. Specifically, they usually want the UV filtering aspect without having any of the light blocked, and this can be achieved with very light tinting. In fact, with a light tint, with all of the windows having the same level of tint, it often looks like there is no tint at all. Before deciding on a tint level, discuss your needs with a window tinting professional. You may be able to go for a darker tint than you realize, without blocking too much of the sunlight that you want to let through.

General Tinting Benefits

Regardless of the level of tint, some benefits of tinting windows are universal. Any level of tint will help you protect things inside the building or vehicle from UV damage and help you control heating and cooling costs. Tinted windows are often stronger or at least less prone to shattering because of the film on their surface. Finally, tinted windows also look cool – the stylistic choice may not be the best reason, but it is still a benefit. 

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