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Cleaning and Maintaining Window Film

One of the many perks of solar window film is that it requires minimal maintenance. While the film will deteriorate over time and eventually require maintenance, there are steps you can take today to slow the rate of deterioration down. It’s best to be proactive now and ensure that your window film will be looking great for years to come. Below, we have laid out some of the do’s and don’ts of cleaning and maintaining your window film.

Cleaning and Maintaining Window Film

Keep your window film looking great for years to come. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of cleaning and maintenance.

Let it cure!

If your window film was installed some time ago, this might no longer be relevant for you. But if you’ve just had it installed or are planning to soon, it is absolutely imperative that you let your window film cure. For the first week or so following installation, you may notice small bubbles forming underneath the film. This is the glue-like solution that helps the film stick to the glass.

As tempting as it may be, you should do everything in your power to resist the urge to pop or push down these bubbles. They will go away with time. Just be patient, and avoid the hassle of having to replace the film on your residence or commercial business.


Time and sunlight are a recipe for window film deterioration. Properly cleaning your window film won’t necessarily prevent the inevitable, but it will help to keep it looking new for much longer than if it were neglected in the elements. Take special care to ensure that you are using the right tools for cleaning. Window film is more fragile than regular glass, so be sure to use only gentle cleaning solutions. Most glass cleaners will be fine, but a little bit of dish soap in water should do the trick, too.

Just as significantly, make sure the cloth you use to clean the film is clean itself and won’t scratch the film. Treat your window film as you would your cell phone’s glass or the lenses of your prescription glasses. Consider using a microfiber cloth, as even paper towels can be too scratchy. You should have another dry cloth on hand, too, to dry with.

If you follow the above tips for cleaning and maintenance, you can expect your commercial or residential window film to last ten years or longer.

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