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Does Office Window Tinting Have Any Benefits?

american solar tinting window tinting

Office window tinting can lower your energy costs by reducing heat gains and losses through windows.

Office window tinting is beneficial. Did you know that office window tinting can shrink your carbon footprint? Office window tints can lower your energy costs by reducing heat gains and losses through windows. However, office window tints can promote a healthier and more productive workplace. Here’s more detail about why office window tinting is advantageous.

Office Window Tinting is Cost-Effective

On average, replacing windows can cost anywhere between $200 to $1,800. Imagine replacing ten office windows. Additionally, the more panes or glazing a window has, the more expensive the cost becomes. Inversely, high-quality window films cost much less. The expense depends on the type of film itself, with ceramic coatings being pricier. However, ceramic coatings are top performers regarding heat, glare, and UV ray reduction. 

Glare Control 

The extensive use of devices, such as laptops or computers causes eye strain. This case only becomes worse when you add harsh, excessive lighting into the mix. These lights are distracting, causing someone to lose focus. Additionally, it can result in a debilitating glare. 


Glare comes from sunlight streaming through your office windows and reflecting off device screens. Office window tinting has light-dampening effects and can help reduce glare. Furthermore, window tints provide more coverage than individual anti-glare screen protectors and reduce glare on any reflective surfaces such as desks, floors, and furniture. The latter only minimizes glares from computer screens. 

More Productivity

Insufficient office lighting causes employees to feel fatigued. However, once again, harsh lighting can cause eye strain and might cause an employee to slow down on their work. While commercial window tinting reduces glare, it allows enough natural light to pass into a workspace. Another consideration is that when you use less artificial lighting, you don’t have to use as many bulbs. Thus, the result is less costly energy bills. 

Furniture That Doesn’t Fade Quickly

Humans need the sun because it provides Vitamin D, which aids bone, teeth, and muscle support. However, when office furniture has exposure to too much sunlight, it might fade quickly. You can look forward to office window tinting keeping your curtains, carpets, upholstery, furniture, and other decor preserved. Office window tints, in particular, help protect leather, which can weather and crack in a few months under UV lights. 


Contact American Solar Tinting today whenever you’re ready to benefit from office window tinting. 

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