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The Benefits and Applications of Frosted Glass Film

The Benefits and Applications of Frosted Glass Film

How can you use frosted glass film in your home or business? American Solar Tinting is here to answer that for you today.

Frosted glass film is a product that enhances glass to achieve a similar aesthetic and function to traditional frosted glass. Professionals cut frosted glass film down to size and apply it on top of existing glass or window panels, whereas frosted glass involves removing and replacing a glass panel. The film comes in various colors, styles, and uses, making it more available and versatile than outright frosted glass. How can you use frosted glass film in your home or business? American Solar Tinting is here to answer that for you today. 

Residential Frosted Glass Film Applications 

  • Bathroom and shower: This application is the most popular. Homeowners use frosted glass film on the bathroom window and shower glass door. A privacy window film effectively transmits light while blocking vision from the outside. Many new homes have frosted windows and doors as a standard inclusion. However, a frosted glass film offers the same effects and benefits if it’s missing from your home.
  • Wardrobe and front doors: The glass front and wardrobe door are aesthetically-pleasing options, allowing light to pass through easily. This application maintains the benefit of light while enhancing privacy and style. 
  • Living and dining room partitions: Another popular design option is to have a window or glass partition between communal rooms in the home, particularly the living and dining room. 
  • Skylight windows: If your home has skylight windows, you might experience glares from the sun, which can cause eye damage and fade furniture. A frosted window film lets you keep the light while removing the glare. 

Popular Workplace Applications 

You can use frosted glass film to shape brand logos, eye-capturing patterns, or personalized messages. You can also apply it to office windows and doors to ensure that employees work productively without outside distractions. A privacy window film can also keep the light while preventing disruptions. 

The Benefits

  • Radiates almost as much light as a standard window with less UV ray damage
  • Protects privacy
  • Easily removable and replaceable 
  • Customizable 

Contact American Solar Tinting today whenever you’re ready to consult with experts about which window films would be best for your home or business. 


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