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Get Creative with Decorative Window Film

Here are a couple of fun and unusual ideas for decorative window film that will help you think outside the frame.

Beautiful and functional, decorative window film can add a lot of benefits to your residential or commercial space. This includes curb appeal, privacy, and protection from sun exposure. But you might be wondering if there are more unique ways to use decorative film besides just putting it on a window. Below are a couple of fun and unusual ideas for decorative window film that will help you think outside the frame.


A subtle frosted or stained glass effect looks great on exterior doors, but you don’t have to stop there. Decorative window film can go on glass cabinets, closets, and even pantry doors at home. Show a little design flair while still concealing the contents of your cabinets and closets if they aren’t as organized and you would like that day. Decorative film is perfect for glass doors in corporate spaces as well. Especially if your office has a few large glass walls, partially covering them with a sleek border can help add definition to the otherwise empty space.


Often an overlooked design opportunity, mirrors have the perfect surface for adhering to window films. You can add a decorative edge to frame your bathroom mirrors which gives them a level of sophistication. You can also add style and privacy to your glass shower door, for your home bathroom or for hotels and commercial gyms.

Custom designs

Decorative window films offer many design options outside of texture and color. You can design a custom logo for your storefront window or make fun shapes like stars or birds for a child’s room. Or if you find yourself putting sticky notes of inspirational sayings on your mirror, then you could solidify it with the long-lasting waterproof properties of decorative letting. Especially in a large bathroom mirror at your business, a window film with the company message is a nice touch.

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