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Surprising Ideas For Incorporating Your Logo On Graphic Films

American Solar Tinting Logo Graphic Films

Go beyond the basics with these great ideas for incorporating your logo into interesting graphic films for your business.

Window films are an important and useful tool for businesses. UV blocking films can help regulate internal building temperatures and keep your cooling costs low. Security films can decrease the risk of injury if glass window panes are ever broken in a storm. Decorative window films are also an important marketing and aesthetic tool as well. As a business owner, there are so many options for how you can use and benefit from decorative window films. One of the biggest is by using it for brand promotion. Read on for some fun suggestions how to use or incorporate your logo into your decorative window films. 

Oversized Logo

One great use for window films is to apply them to glass windows, walls, or dividers that require privacy. Many window films can be printed in such a way to allow one-way-vision. This means that you have privacy from one side, but can still see out from the other. Applying a decorative film that features your logo on a solid colored background is a great way to make use of these privacy features while also highlighting your brand.


If you’re looking for a more subtle way to show off your logo, a step-and-repeat design might be the perfect solution. You’ve probably seen a step-and-repeat banner or backdrop before, even if you don’t know what they’re called. If you’ve ever seen photos from red carpet type events where people pose in front of a logo’d backdrop, that is typically a step-and-repeat design. The name comes from the way the design is created – by placing the logo, then leaving a step or gap and placing the logo again. Typically, the logo in this design is fairly small. If you run a business where people can try on items – like clothes, hats, glasses – applying a step-and-repeat pattern to a window cling and encouraging people to take pictures in front of it is a great branding strategy. 

Collage Logo

If you’d like to employ an oversized logo, but you want to make it more interesting, a collage could be just the ticket. To make it, you use a bunch of small images that can all relate to your brand or your business, and when you stand back from the images, they blend together to form the full-sized logo.

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