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Debunking Myths About Solar Tinting

Just about everyone has some knowledge of the benefits of solar tinting. It has the ability to lend much-needed privacy to residential and commercial spaces. It can help you cut down on energy costs in both the summer and the winter. If you’re concerned about light damage to your furnishings or artwork, solar tinting can help with that, too. With all these benefits, it’s surprising just how many myths there are about solar tinting. Today, we’re going to put some of these to rest.

Debunking Myths About Solar Tinting

It’s surprising just how many myths surround solar tinting. Today, we’re going to put some of these to rest.

You Can Do It Yourself

Far too many people feel the temptation to install window film on their own. The installation process may look simple enough, but make no mistake; you should leave it to professionals. A poorly done application could lead to bubbling and replacement before its time is up. If you aren’t a professional, the odds are that this will show in your window. It’s a task best suited to those with experience and expertise.

It Makes Interior Spaces Too Dark

Some people are concerned that solar tinting will darken their interior spaces too much. This is a relic of a time when the technology was not advanced as it is now. Don’t worry—things have changed since then. Oftentimes, you wouldn’t even be able to tell that windows are tinted unless someone told you. Window tinting can even improve the quality of the light indoors by removing glare. A variety of shades exist to suit your needs and desires.

Solar tinting doesn’t make your home or business feel dark or gloomy unless you want it to. It just eliminates some of the less beneficial aspects of sunlight.

It Makes Windows Harder to Break

If you think solar film makes windows more difficult to break, you probably have confused it with security film. That said, it does have the potential to offer some benefits in terms of breakage. All window films have the potential to hold shards of glass together to some extent. This can be you have fewer tiny fragments to contend with in the event of breakage.

Solar tinting could provide some protection from burglars, because it makes it harder for them to see what is on the other side of the glass. As a result, the risk of them breaking a window to grab a nearby valuable decreases dramatically.

It Won’t Last Long

Finally, we want to caution against the notion that solar tinting doesn’t last very long. In fact, all varieties of window film have a surprisingly long lifetime, and with minimal maintenance. If you let the film cure properly, and clean it occasionally without harmful chemicals or abrasive materials, you can expect it to last for upwards of ten years. After just one installation, you can reap the rewards of solar tinting for years to come.


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