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Simple Ways to Heat Your Home Up

Simple Ways to Heat Your Home Up

Heat can be expensive, especially in the winter, so consider adding a few of these tips to the way you keep your family and home warm.

Aside from turning up your thermostat, there are other ways that you can maintain and even up the warmth in your home. Heat can be expensive, especially in the winter, so consider adding a few of these tips to the way you keep your family and home warm.

Close the Curtains

Did you know that your windows are a main source of heat loss? This is especially true at night. During the day, you’ll have the heat of the sun radiating through the glass, but without the sun, your windows can get extremely cold. To prevent the heat loss through the windows, simply close your curtains and lower your blinds. The curtains or blinds will create a barrier that reduces draughts.

Cover the Walls

You probably aren’t thinking of your wall décor as insulation, but the truth is that the paintings, mirrors, or posters that you’re hanging on your walls are acting as a form of decorative insulation. Covering your walls reduces heat loss by adding an extra layer between the exterior and the interior of your home. The most effective wall addition is a book shelf with the shelf itself and the books working to keep cold air out.

Cover the Front Door

Just like the windows, your front door is a main area in your home that allows cold air to seep in. And just like the windows, in the window you could get a lot of warmth from the use of door curtains to block that air from coming inside.

Screen In

Using a screen around your fireplace allows you to safely cuddle up to the flames. On particularly cold nights, you and your family can enjoy each other’s company by wrapping up in blankets around the fireplace to stay warm.

Furniture Placement

There is a more efficient way to position your furniture to keep the warmth inside your home. For the winter, consider moving your furniture closer to the center of the room. The further you position yourself away from the walls of your home, the warmer you will feel as you will be further away from the exterior of your home. If possible, position your furniture closer to internal walls.

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