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Tips for Cleaning Your Window Film

You want to be sure you are cleaning your window film correctly to keep it in the best condition possible!

Whether for office buildings, retail, restaurants or residential homes, window tinting is a great way to make your space more comfortable, beautiful, and energy efficient. However, adding a window tint means you must take special care when cleaning. Cleaning chemicals like vinegar and ammonia can cause the adhesive layers of your window film to crack, peel and deteriorate. Meanwhile, paper towels and similar items can cause scratches and tears. This may have you worried, but never fear, there are ways to safely and effectively clean your windows.  

Prep Your Cleaner

To start, you’ll want to gather a variety of materials including lint-free, soft cotton cloth, spray bottles, distilled water, non-vinegar, and non-ammonia based cleaners, a rubber or gel edged squeegee and baby shampoo. Using distilled water for your window cleaning is absolutely essential as most tap water is hard- or full of minerals that can cause build-up, scale, and scratching. Using your two spray bottles, fill both with distilled water, adding a few drops of baby shampoo to one and leaving the other plain for rinsing.  

Get Cleaning

Start your cleaning by spraying your windows down with your water and baby shampoo mix. Using the cotton cloth dampened with distilled water clean any spots on the window. Rather than rubbing, merely use the damp cloth to try to loosen any dirt and grime. Using the squeegee, remove the water and cleaner by squeegeeing in both a diagonal and vertical pattern. Make sure to wipe the excess water that pools on the sill away with your cloth.  

Rinse Away

Once your windows are clean, wipe off your squeegee to make sure it is free of soap, then spray your windows with the plain distilled water to rinse. Once again, you will squeegee the water away in a diagonal and vertical pattern and remove any pooling water.

More Tips

It’s important to understand that paper towels cannot be used because they contain wood fibers that will scratch window film with their rough edges. To that end, it may be best to use only fresh cloths for cleaning, which will ensure no residue may cause scratching. Additionally, always clean your film coated windows in the early morning or evening. When Mylar has been warmed it is more prone to scratching as the heat causes it to soften.

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