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3 Reasons to Tint Your Residential Windows

Window tinting isn’t just limited to cars. In fact, tinting your residential windows has a lot of great benefits!

Window tinting is a practice that you may think about when it comes to cars, but it may not strike you as something you can do to your home as well. If you find yourself closing the blinds during the day to prevent heat, harmful UV rays, or glare in your home, you may be a great candidate for residential window tinting. Maybe you have noticed that you are turning your air conditioner down colder and colder in the summertime to prevent a hot home. Window tinting could be perfect for you too. There are numerous benefits that come with residential window tinting- keep reading to learn about them all! 

Energy Efficiency

One of the most practical reasons to tint your residential windows is to cut down on energy costs and save yourself money in the long run. With regular glass windows, the sun’s heat can dramatically increase your indoor temperature. After installing window tinting film, however, you cooling and heating bill will definitely decrease in price up to 30 percent, which helps not only you, but the environment as well.

In addition to lowering your energy bill every month, your home’s indoor climate will become much more consistent. Window tinting can help to create an even temperature throughout your entire house all day long, keeping you and your family happy and comfortable.

Glare Reduction and Sun Protection

Window tinting can also reduce glare from the sun inside your home when you are working on your computer, watching television, reading, cooking, or doing other household activity or chores. With tinted windows, the sun’s glare is reflected so you don’t have to deal with those pesky problems anymore.

You may not know it, but the UV rays from the sun can damage your skin even when you are inside! Window tinting film reduces almost 99 percent to UV rays, protecting you and your family from the sun even when you are inside.

Security and Safety

Window tinting can also be useful by increasing the security of your home. It makes it harder for a would-be intruder to see inside your home, which can slow down or even deter them. Safety film can be installed along with the tinted film to hold the glass in place longer if someone tries to break in through a window.

If glass is broken in one of your windows from a burglar or a natural disaster, window tinting can hold the glass together so that it does not shatter and spread across the room, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

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