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4 Warning Signs That it’s Time for New Windows

Here are some ways that your windows might be telling you that it’s time to be replaced.

Everything in your home will eventually wear down and need repairs, or even replacing and windows are no exception. But the thing about windows is that most homeowners don’t realize how far gone the windows really are until it starts negatively impacting the rest of the house. Here are some ways that your windows might be telling you that it’s time to be replaced.

Energy Bills

Part of a good window’s job is to maintain the insulation properties of your home, which help it run with energy efficiency. But older windows start to let in drafts which means that they are leaking out your heat or air conditioning, which can make your energy bill go up. Unusual spikes in your energy bill is a good clue that your windows could be the problem. Another way to check is to feel your windows on either a very hot or very cold day. If a window feels like the outside temperature, that means that it is not properly insulating your house.

Decaying Frames

One very clear sign of old windows is any wear and rot in the frame. If you notice that the wood looks warped, then that is from water getting absorbed over time, which has probably caused decay. A little bit of water gets in every time you open and close your window just from the natural humidity in the air. Even good quality windows will eventually show signs of water damage over time. Another sign of a warped, decaying frame is if you have been having difficulty opening and closing your window. This is a sign that the frame is getting too misshapen for the window to fit properly.


Because of water damage, you might start to see your windows letting in water from outside on a rainy day. But windows don’t only leak water, but they can leak air in or out which is what hurts your energy efficiency. Moreover, windows can even leak sound in a sense. A new window with a good seal will help add to the soundproofing insulation from your walls. But if you stand by your window and can hear outside sounds even from down the street, that could mean that your window’s seal is worn out.


Another sign that it’s time to replace your windows is if they start fogging even when it isn’t humid or foggy outside. Condensation forms on old windows because of the weak seal letting in water. Also, in the same way, that you see condensation on a cold glass of water when it is in a warm room, condensation forms on windows because of temperature differences. A foggy window in otherwise dry weather means that it is not maintaining a good temperature barrier between your house and the outside.

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