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How Does Window Tinting Compare to Solar Screens?

How does window tinting compare to solar screens?

Homeowners across America are turning to their windows as a way to reduce annual heat and energy loss. We spend a significant amount of energy to keep our homes at a comfortable temperature. Solar screens and window tinting are both great ways to boost the insulation on your home’s windows and reduce heat loss throughout the year. This can help you save on energy costs and keep your home a more comfortable temperature year-round. But how does window tinting compare to solar screens? Read on for our comparisons of window tinting and solar sun screens.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Window tinting uses a thin film to diffuse UV rays, which can protect your furniture and decor from photobleaching, while also protecting you and your family from dangerous ultraviolet rays. These tints are usually made from a blend of polyester and dyed, metal-coated materials, and they come in a number of colors. Installation is quick and easy, and tinting can reinforce your window’s insulation to help reduce your home’s energy loss. Over the years, this can make a big difference in your energy bills. Another major benefit of window tinting is that it requires very little maintenance, and it’s so simple that you can even install it yourself.

Limitations of Window Tinting

While window tinting is very effective for reducing heat loss and UV rays, it works the same year-round. This can make it harder for your windows to absorb heat in your home during the winter months when you would prefer to keep your home warmer.

Benefits of Solar Screens

Like window tinting, solar screens also work to block UV rays. However, they work more like blackout curtains than tinted film. This is because solar screens are fabric-based materials, often using materials like polyvinyl, polyester, fiberglass, and more. Because they are very dark, and more opaque than window tinting, they can be used to reduce heating costs during the winter and offer more control for both the heat and light entering your home. You can choose between a variety of opacity options, allowing you to decide exactly how much light and heat you would like to reduce.

Limitations of Solar Screens

Solar screens are affected by the weather when placed on the outside of the windows. This can result in damages throughout the year that can require regular replacement. Depending on the weather in your area, this can mean serious damage throughout the year. When solar screens are applied to the inside of your windows, they will control the light but are less effective for reducing heat.

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