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How Window Tinting Adds Curb Appeal to your Home

Adding a tint to your home’s windows offers a wide variety of benefits that help make your home more comfortable, more efficient, and more attractive.

When you’re looking for ways to improve your home this spring, window tinting should be at the top of your list. Adding a tint to your home’s windows offers a wide variety of benefits that help make your home more comfortable, more efficient, and more attractive. Today we’ll walk you through all of the ways that adding window tinting to your home helps to improve your curb appeal.

Increased Security and Privacy

One of the first ways that tinted windows improve your home’s curb appeal is that they increase your privacy and your security. Inside your home the view is unrestricted and light enters as usual, but from the exterior, it’s near-impossible to see inside. Not only does this keep any nosy neighbors from seeing what you’re up to, but it also prevents potential criminals from easily seeing if your home makes a good target. When adding a window tint you also have the benefit of increasing your safety with shatterproof features. Most window tint films will hold the glass in place rather than allowing it to shatter. Not only is this safer for homes with pets and children, but it protects your belongings and prevents damage.  

Improved Energy Efficiency

With its potential for blocking UV rays and adding a thin layer of insulation to windows, adding a tinting film can reduce your energy bills by up to 10%. Window tinting is a great way to help improve new and old windows alike; especially if you have older, drafty windows that you’re not ready to replace. Additionally, blocking UV rays helps to decrease more than just your energy bills. UV rays can damage and fade many different types of materials including textiles, wood, and even some plastics — over time this can cause undue wear, which leads to more frequent replacement needs. These replacements can be costly, but they also create additional waste and consumption that can easily be avoided. Who would have thought that such a simple switch could have such an impact on your environmental footprint!   

A Better First Impression

When you hire a reputable professional to install a window tint your home will look amazing inside and out. Window tinting allows for less use of window coverings which helps to bring in natural light that will make your home feel more open and inviting. From the outside, your windows will look better-maintained thanks to the attractive effects of the tint.

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