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Protecting Your Furniture from Sun Damage

Life on earth could not exist without the sun. But it can cause a fair bit of harm as well. If your skin gets too much exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, your risk of melanoma and other forms of skin cancer decreases dramatically. And it’s not just your skin that the sun can harm, but your belongings, too. Years of exposure to the sun can cause your furniture to fade irreversibly. Today, we’ll share how you can protect your furniture from sun damage.

sun damage

Years of exposure to the sun can cause your furniture to fade irreversibly. Here’s how you can prevent sun damage!

Smart Placement

One of the simplest ways to prevent sun damage is also sometimes the least convenient—smart placement. As the day goes on and the sun moves across the sky, the orientation of its rays will change in your home. East-facing windows will get more direct sun in the beginning of the day, west-facing in the evening, and so forth.

Indirect sunlight doesn’t damage furniture, but direct light will over prolonged periods of time. As the day goes on, observe where direct sunlight falls in your home. If you notice it concentrated in a particular area, try to avoid placing valuable furniture in that spot.


Of course, it’s not always practical to position your furniture in a spot without direct sunlight. A more convenient option is curtains. If you go this route, you may only have to close your curtains for a couple hours per day when the sunlight shines most brightly through your window.

But an over-reliance on curtains can make your home feel like a cave. There must be a better solution, right?

Solar Window Tinting

Thankfully, you don’t have to give up on the benefits of natural sunlight to cut down on its harmful effects. There is no more practical way to curb the impact of sun damage than with solar window tinting.

You may think of window tinting as something more suitable for vehicles or businesses, but this would be a mistake. Here at American Solar Tinting, we genuinely believe that every homeowner should consider tinting their home’s windows.

Window tinting saves you money. Obviously, you’ll be saving money by not having to replace sun-damaged furniture. What’s more is that you will notice a marked improvement on your energy bills. That’s right—solar window film helps keep heat in during the winter, and keep the cool in during the summer.

Your furniture is precious. Why don’t you treat it that way? Combat the harmful effects of sun damage by investing in window tinting for your home.

Contact American Solar Tinting Today to Protect Your Furniture

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