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Signs that Your House Needs New Windows

Here are some signs to check for to help you decide when you need new windows.

Windows are an important component of any house. And, like most other parts of your home, your windows will need maintenance over time, and may eventually have to be replaced. But it is a big investment to get new windows, so you are probably wondering when is the right time or if your house’s windows need to be replaced at all. Here are some signs to check for to help you decide when you need new windows.

Higher Energy Bills

Insulation is key in helping your home regulate temperature properly. Without proper insulation, your house can’t keep in the heat or air conditioning that you turn on, which means that you will spend more energy and more money to get your house to stay at the desired temperature. Windows are usually the weak points in the house because they are a direct link to the outside, which is why properly insulated windows are important. As they age, the seal in windows breaks down. Over time you will notice that your energy bills are higher than they should be, which is why your windows should be replaced.


Another important aspect of windows is that they should seal against outside moisture. If your windows have condensation frequently, that means that they aren’t keeping a consistent temperature, and they are also potentially letting in moisture. Too much water accumulation will eventually lead to leaks and decay. These expensive problems can all be fixed and prevented by getting new windows with a strong seal against moisture.


Lastly, good quality windows should insulate against sound. Soundproof windows work with a proper seal, as well as the thickness of the glass pane. But it can be harder to tell if your windows are working on soundproofing your house from the outside if you aren’t used to it. If you can think back to many times when you could hear noises down the street without opening your window, then that means that they might not be adequately soundproofed. Overall, good windows should insulate your house against the temperature, moisture, and noise of the outside.

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