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The Basics of Home Window Tinting

Read on for the basics of how your home could improve with window tinting.

Window tinting is often something that people only associate with cars or possibly businesses, but home window tinting is available. It may seem like a luxury or an extravagance to think about tinting your home windows, but the reality is that home window tinting offers a lot of benefits. Read on for the basics of how your home could improve with window tinting.

Various Uses In The Home

You might be wondering where in your home you could install window tinting. The truth is that just about every room in your home will benefit from window tinting. The windows in any room where people relax can benefit from tinting by reducing the effects of UV energy coming through them. Any windows that you have in bathrooms can also benefit from window tinting since it allows you to maintain privacy without obstructing all of the light. Similarly, tinting your bedroom windows, or your kid’s bedroom windows can increase your privacy. Finally, any room where the sun has faded your furniture, rugs, or art can benefit from window tinting.

Benefits To Homeowners

Window tinting will provide privacy in any room of your home. It will also protect your belongings from sun fading and protect your family from harmful UV exposure. Finally, it can help regulate the temperature in your home. Tinted windows provide an insulating effect all year long, keeping warm or cool inside air from escaping. The tint also blocks the heat and glare of the sun, which may cause some of your rooms to heat up too much. Overall, this will mean a noticeable lowering of your utility costs, something every homeowner can appreciate.

Options And Installation

If you’re picturing dark tinted windows on a car and grimacing at the thought of them on your house, relax. Technology has come far and there are a wide variety of tinting options available. Films are available in a range of colors, shades, and even patterns. There are even tinting options that provide all of the benefits of tinting but are nearly invisible. The installation is simple and doesn’t take long for each window. The window must be cleaned and prepped, and then the film is applied with a squeegee. If you have a lot of windows in your home, installation may take some time, but it can easily be done in a single day. 

Care And Maintenance

Window film lasts a long time and usually comes with a warranty of at least five years. The film itself requires no additional maintenance and you don’t have to use any special cleaners or materials. Abrasives like scrubbers and paper towels might damage the film, so avoid them, but otherwise clean your windows exactly as you already do.

Residential Window Tinting from American Solar Tinting

American Solar Tinting has the expertise and equipment to keep your home or business decorative and beautiful with window film. We have almost 60 years of experience serving our wonderful customers without the Maryland and Washington, D.C. area. We offer a variety of solutions for you, whether you need residential window or glass tinting, logo graphics, or security films. For more information on how we can help you and your business, contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-969-0100. For more tips and tricks for your home and business, follow us on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Pinterest.

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