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Will Window Tint Bubbles Go Away?

Let’s imagine you’ve just had your home’s windows tinted. You’re looking forward to years of reduced energy bills, added privacy, and furniture that won’t fade from light damage. But a day or two after installation—uh oh—you start to notice tiny bubbles underneath the film. You feel sure they’re just an aesthetic issue, but that doesn’t keep them from bothering you. If this is you, you might find yourself wondering: will window tint bubbles go away? That depends on what kind of bubble you’re dealing with.

Will Window Tint Bubbles Go Away?

If you’ve noticed bubbles underneath your window film, you might be wondering: will they ever go away?

Soap or Air Bubbles

Some of the most commonly occurring window tint bubbles are those caused by air or soap. If this is what’s causing the bubbles in your film, you’ll be happy to learn that these tend to go away once the curing process has completed. But they will never go away completely.

Too many people try to do DIY their window tinting. But the truth is that this is a job best left to professionals, and this is one of the reasons why. If you properly sanitize and clean the surface before applying the window film, you won’t have to deal with any soap or air bubbles.

Dirt Bubbles

The cause of this form of window tint bubble isn’t too different from our first example. But there is one key difference you should be aware of: whereas soap or air bubbles tend to decrease over time, dirt bubbles will only become more noticeable.

As you might have guessed, the only way you can prevent dirt bubbles from forming under your window tint is the same way you’d prevent soap or air bubbles—thorough cleaning. You can trust professional window tinting experts to get this job done right.

Water Bubbles

If you’re lucky, you only have water bubbles underneath your window film. Moisture tends to get trapped between the film and the glass, leading to noticeable bubbling.

But don’t worry—the good news about this form of window tint bubble is that it should fade completely with time.  If you don’t notice these bubbles disappearing after a couple of weeks, you can rule out water as the cause.

What Can I do About It?

Here’s the bottom line: your window tint bubbles might go away, depending on what causes them. Or you could just learn to live with them. But the only sure-fire way to eliminate them is through professional installation by professionals.

Looking around the web, you might have seen a few recommendations for how to get rid of window tint bubbles:

  1. Warming them with a hairdryer
  2. Poking them with a pin
  3. Smoothing them out with a credit card

Honestly, it’s hard for us to recommend any of these methods. Although some people may have seen success with them, it’s all too easy to end up doing more harm than good.

If you want window films that don’t bubble, you can count on us to get the job done right. We use the highest quality materials that are naturally resistant to bubbling. And more importantly, you can rest assured knowing a highly experienced professional will handle the installation.

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