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10 Window Tint FAQs

10 Window Tint FAQs

We aim to ensure that our customers or potential customers are well-informed to make the best decisions. Here are ten window tint FAQs you may want to know.

It takes time to determine which investments you want to make for your home or business. Upgrades cost money, and every home or business owner wants to ensure they’re making a wise investment. Therefore, American Solar Tinting is here to answer some of your most pressing concerns about window tint. We aim to ensure that our customers or potential customers are well-informed to make the best decisions. Here are ten window tint FAQs. 

What is a Window Film? 

Window film is a thin but robust sheet of multi-layered polyester that controls various properties such as Ultra-Violet (UV) light, heat, glare, and privacy. It comes in multiple performance levels and shades. 

What are the Benefits? 

The numerous benefits of window tint include eye comfort, UV protection, aesthetics, enhanced safety, privacy, and energy savings. 

What Does Window Tint Percentage Mean?

Window tint percentage, or the different levels of film, refers to light transmission or the amount of light that enters through the film. Lower percentages mean that the film will be darker. 

Is It Normal for Window Tinting to be Hazy After an Installation? 

The moisture that can remain between the film and glass after an installation can cause the tint to look hazy, streaky, or blotchy. 

Why? Because it takes several days for the adhesive/film to cure completely. Then, the remaining moisture evaporates through the film. Depending on the type of film, the process could take a couple of days or even months. Your windows will have excellent clarity once the water evaporates completely. 

How Should I Clean My Windows After I’ve Had Them Tinted?

It’s best to wait a week after the installation before cleaning the inside of your windows. After a week, you can use an ammonia-free window cleaner and a soft cloth or rubber squeegee. 

Consider using foam cleaners because they typically do not cause windows to streak. We also suggest never scraping the window film with a blade or cleaning it with anything abrasive because it will scratch the film. 

Does Window Film Stop Glass from Breaking? 

Window film does not prevent the glass from breaking altogether. Instead, it increases the glass’ safety because of an aggressive adhesive that helps to hold the pieces of glass together. In other words, it completes the glass from breaking into small fragments or shattering in most cases. 

Does Window Film Help with Privacy?

Window film gives a clear view of the outside of a home or business while limiting visibility to a home or business’ interior. 

Does Window Film Reduce Glare? 

Yes. Window film reduces the amount of light allowed through the film. It can let you see better and not stress your eyes. 

How Do Window Tints Provide Year-Round Comfort?

Window tints create comfortable environments through climate control, eliminating frigid and hot walls. When you reduce hot spots, rooms stay more comfortable in the winter and summer. This advantage also helps you lower energy costs.

Can I Have Window Film Applied to any Surface?

You cannot apply window film to any surface. The adhesive should adhere to glass only, and the glass surfaces must have a smooth finish. Plastics, Plexiglas, or Lexan, has too much oil for the bond to stick to them long-term correctly. 

American Solar Tinting is here to answer all your questions with expertise. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about residential and commercial window tinting options

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