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Bathroom Window Film FAQs

Bathroom Window Film FAQs

One of the places in your home that could benefit from extra privacy is your bathroom. Here are some FAQs we all have about window tinting for bathrooms.

One of the places in your home that could benefit from extra privacy is your bathroom. You can achieve this for your bathroom and other glass surfaces stylishly by having us install particular types of bathroom window films. We’re here to answer whatever questions you might have about bathroom window film with this FAQs segment. 

What are the Characteristics of Bathroom Window Film? 

Window films for bathrooms come in four main types: tinted, mirrored, frosted, and opaque. Tinted window film comes in shades of black, while mirrored window film includes a reflective, two-way mirror effect. 

A frosted window film is translucent, allowing light to pass through but doesn’t have detailed shapes. On the other hand, opaque window films are blacked out and don’t let shapes or light come through. 

Where Can I Put Window Film in the Bathroom?

The most obvious place is, of course, the bathroom windows. An example of how you could have it applied is only using an opaque or frosted film on the lower half of your windows. This method will keep anyone from seeing in your bathroom. 

However, natural light will still illuminate your bathroom through the top halves of your windows. Another place to add window film to your bathroom includes the shower door or stall. That way, if someone you share the bathroom with walks in, you’ll feel more comfortable. 

Will I Still be Able to See Outside?

Absolutely! The reflective film has a two-way mirror effect where you’ll still be able to see outside views, but no one will be able to see inside your home. The two-way mirror effect reverses when it’s dark outside, and you turn on the light inside the bathroom. However, remember that this film will only provide privacy during the day. 

Are Window Films Waterproof?

There is a lot of moisture inside a bathroom. Windows, in general, get hit with a lot of precipitation when you think about the rain, snow, and heavy storms. However, rest assured that bathroom window film is durable and won’t deteriorate because of humidity. You should also know that window film isn’t hard to clean because you clean it as you would with your regular glass windows when removing hard water stains or other residues.

Does Custom Window Film Exist? 

Yes, it does! You can design custom frosted bathroom window films for privacy and aesthetics. Window film design options include cutting, etching, texturing, sandblasting, and printing. 

For example, an option is having us install a gradient window film that goes from opaque to translucent to clear from the bottom to the top of your windows. There’s also the option of etching and printing custom patterns and designs on the part of the window film. 

Is the Installation Simple?

Yes! All we have to do is cut the film to your window’s size and install it with a spray bottle and squeegee. Spraying a water and detergent solution onto the window helps the film adhere while we squeegee out the excess solution for a smooth finish. 

Contact us today to add more privacy to your bathroom with window film. We’ll be happy to answer if you have more questions than we’ve already answered. 

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