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Common Window Tinting Options for Your Home

Common Window Tinting Options for Your Home

There are several reasons to investigate various window tinting options for your home! Window tint can add privacy to your residence and help cut down on energy bills by providing shade.

There are several reasons to investigate various window tinting options for your home! Window tints are beneficial because they can add privacy to your residence and help cut down on energy bills by providing shade. You can probably name a few different window types as you’re reading this, such as shutters, bay, and sliding windows. However, are you knowledgeable about the various window tinting options and how each can benefit your home? If not, we’re here to tell you. 

Solar Control Film Window Tinting 

If your door handle or screen door is always hot to the touch, a sunblock window tint is an excellent option. This choice absorbs and reflects 99% of UV rays from the sun. As a result, it helps regulate indoor temperatures so that you can stay warm during the winter and not melt during the summer. 

Solar control film is also beneficial because it reduces glares. Glares can be an issue while trying to watch television, but too much sun exposure can also fade furniture. In addition, you can look forward to cheaper energy bills and enjoying natural light while not being as exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Plus, window tinting comes in various colors, from silver to copper, to complement your home. 

Glare Control Window Film 

A glare control window film is a wise choice for anyone who wants to use their electronic devices in peace without visibility issues. However, your home will still be well-lit because glare control window film doesn’t block the sunlight. The same anti-reflective coating that glasses consist of is the same technology that diffuses light when it passes through the glass. 

Mirror Film 

Mirror film is advantageous for any homeowner concerned about trespassers looking into their home. Mirror tint comes in one-way and two-way options. The one-way option is best for homes because you can welcome natural light without anyone looking directly into your home. In addition, if you own large windows, mirror film adds privacy. 

Decorative Film 

If your bathroom doesn’t have frosted windows, decorative film is a much-needed enhancement for your bathroom. Decorative film is thin and doesn’t block out UV rays. However, it does add privacy to the home. This film is dyed and cost-effective. It gets its colors by melting and stretching the window tint. This option comes in an array of patterns, designs, and colors. It might be tempting to try them all, but we suggest picking one bold color or striped pattern. 

Security Film 

If your goal is to deter intruders and prevent storm damage, security film is the best choice. While security film doesn’t completely stop a window from shattering during a severe storm, it does reduce the chances of your window cracking. Thus, intruders will have a more difficult time looking through your windows. 

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