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Residential Window Tinting Color Tips

Residential Window Tinting Color Tips

If you’re a homeowner interested in adding color to your window tints, we’re here to share tips on the best color options.

Residential window tinting is a relatively affordable way to beautify your home, all while saving money. You can use different colored window tints to enhance your home from gray to blue to frost-colored. Residential window tints can be decorative. However, they can also be energy-efficient, increasing your annual energy savings. If you’re a homeowner interested in adding color to your window tints, we’re here to share tips on the best color options. 

Solar Window Films Colors

The three main types of window films are solar, decorative, and security. Solar window films effectively absorb UVA and UVB rays from the sun, all while reducing glare, regulating indoor temperatures, preventing artwork, furniture, and rugs from fading, and increasing energy savings. Solar films increase energy efficiency the most out of all these options while being thicker than decorative window films and thinner than security film. 

Newer window films are clear to ensure they don’t compete with your home’s aesthetics. However, they can also come in neutral colors such as bronze, stainless steel, and gray. The metallics are an excellent choice if you want your home to have a uniform appearance. 

Decorative Window Tint Colors

Decorative window tinting transforms your home’s aesthetics while allowing you to change your windows easily and cost-effectively. For example, you can pick a window film that looks like textured glass and then change it to solid colors or patterns while benefiting from its durability, low-effort cleaning, and removing it easily in a way that doesn’t damage the glass. Decorative window tints come in various colors. There is a window tint for you if you have an exact color in mind or want something resembling stained glass. 

Patterned Colored Window Films

Patterned colored window films merge aesthetics and privacy. The different options you can choose from include the following: 

  • Stained glass flowers
  • Colored squares
  • Feathers
  • Morrocan and Persian patterns
  • Venetian, Tuscan, and abstract stained glass

Translucent Colored Window Films

Translucent-colored window films are another option if patterned-colored films aren’t your preference. They provide a subtle look while adding color to your home’s interior. Standard colors that you can choose from include the following: 

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Magenta
  • Orange
  • Turquoise
  • Yellow
  • Teal

Tips for Choosing the Right Color or Pattern

By now, you might feel overwhelmed by all the residential window tinting options you have. However, we’re here to help with a few streamlined tips. First, you want to consider the content of the room. Consider all the colors in the room where you want to apply the window tint. For example, if your home office is teal, choosing a teak window tint won’t look off-putting because the colors are the same. You chose a window tint that blends into the room for a monochromatic effect or a tint that will stand out to create a bold statement. 

If you want the room to stand out more, you can also pick out complementary colors, which are colors right across from each other on the color wheel. These colors create bold statements. If your room has shades of blue, an orange-hued window tint will pop against a white wall. On the other hand, analogous colors are side-by-side shades on the color wheel. They don’t have much contrast and add subtlety to a room without being as matchy-matchy as monochromatic colors. 

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