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Which Window Tint Percentage is Best for Your Home?

american solar window tinting window tint

Window films for tinted windows come in various shades and percentages.

Windows beautify homes but also make them vulnerable without the proper protection. For example, a double-paned window is more secure and durable than a single-paned window. Additionally, windows need adequate insulation, or they’ll lose about 25-30% of cooling and heating. New window installation can decrease this percentage. However, if you don’t have it in the budget to install new windows, window tinting is a solid solution. However, before this happens, you’ll need to consider which window tint percentage is best for your home. Here is how to make that decision. 

Window Tint Percentage: How it Relates to Visible Light Transmission (VLT) 

Window films for tinted windows come in various shades and percentages. However, a percentage doesn’t refer to the darkness of the tint. Instead, the percentage refers to how much light will come through the film. For example, if you have a film with a high percentage, it means that more light will pass through it. If there is a low VLT percentage, such as 25%, it means that only 25% of the light will be visible, meaning that it’s a darker tint. 

Window Tint Purposes 

Which window tint percentage is best for your home? It all depends on why you want to have a window tint installed in the first place. Common reasons include: 

  1. Security: Window tints can make your home safer because trespassers won’t be able to see the inside of your home. Security window film is typically the thickest of all the options, comes in silver or clear, and has a low VLT percentage. Security window film ensures that your window won’t shatter entirely in case someone attempts to break it or inclement weather occurs. However, its low VLT percentage means that it doesn’t do the most effective job of reflecting or absorbing heat. 
  2. Privacy: If more privacy is what you need, aim for window films that are 20% or lower. These window films are darker, won’t let in much light, and also will stop people from seeing inside your home. It’s a suitable option for homes with many windows, keeping entryways, bathrooms, and bedrooms private. 
  3. Aesthetics: Window film doesn’t only come in dark tints but in other shades and unique patterns such as frosted tints, floral, stained glass, or vibrant colors to add beauty and style to your home. The benefit of choosing a lower window tint percentage, in this case, is that decorative window tints will add curb appeal to your home’s interior. 
  4. Insulation: A window film used for insulation typically comes in silver or copper and will have a higher VLT percentage while still keeping out much of the sun’s UV rays. They will also keep your furniture, floor, and upholstery from fading as quickly. 
  5. Glare Reduction: A 49% window tint reduces glare while not reducing too much visibility. If you have an HOA, check to see which percentage they allow. 

American Solar Tinting can walk you through which window tint percentage is best for your specific needs. Call us to learn more about the advantages of window tints and films

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