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Security Window Film: How Well Does It Work?

If you own your own home or business, you realize just how important safety and security can be. There are all kinds of access control measures one can take, but many people always seem to have difficulties with one problem area. The fact is that windows are hard to secure, especially when you have to think about hazards like smashed windows. Security window film is a product that should be able to mitigate many window-related threats, but will it really get the job done?

security window film american solar tinting

Security window film can keep your glass from shattering. But how strong is it really?

How Does it Work?

When glass breaks, some of the pieces end up hitting the floor where others are attached to the frame. Sometimes some of that glass even flies off and can cause further damage. Security window film uses thin, tear-resistant, and micro-layered plastic film to cover the surface of a window which then holds the glass in place if the window breaks. In theory, this keeps the window held together while also adding an extra layer of strength that could prevent breaking in the first place.

How Strong Is It?

While security window film may not be completely shatterproof or unbreakable, it does have some benefits. Typically it can help in minimizing breakage threats, slow down forced entry attempts, and generally create for much safer windows.

There are options outside of window films that are more heavy-duty, but most of those are going to require more complex installations, cost more, and are more niche market products. Depending on your needs, a security window film may be appropriate, but other applications could require something like polycarbonate additions to prevent forced entries.

What Applications Are There?

A security film can be a good way to prevent break-ins and other entry attempts. They may not be that common, but that added layer of security could prevent them from getting in or just make them more likely to look elsewhere for an easier target. These kinds of window films can also be useful in protecting you during severe weather, accidents, or natural disasters. By preventing glass from shattering completely and potentially flying off to cause more damage, you have a better chance of minimizing any negative effects.

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