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Reasons You Should Invest In Safety Glass

Choosing safety glass is a great long-term investment for your home.

Like the name suggests, safety glass is a safer and healthier choice for your windows for a variety of reasons. But perhaps you have heard of safety glass and assumed that it would be so much more expensive than installing standard glass in your windows. Before you decide what type of glass to invest in, here are some ways that safety glass might be a worthwhile choice.

Long-Term Savings

Safety glass is very energy efficient, and will quickly start saving you money on energy bills. Most types of safety glass are thicker than standard glass. And the thicker glass creates an insulating effect that keeps in the cold and warm air. Not only will your home be more comfortable, but the money that you save on air conditioning and heating bills is more than worth the upfront cost of safety glass.

Safety and Durability

Built stronger than standard glass, even if safety glass does break, it is designed to reduce the risk of injury. Safety glass does not shatter into dangerous jagged shards like standard glass, and so is less likely to cause cuts. Tempered and laminated safety glass are the main types, and they undergo a process in their manufacturing to give them durability. Safety glass is tempered through a heating and cooling process, or annealing, that is slower than when making standard glass. Through this process, the safety glass has higher tension and compression which makes it stronger, and then it can be laminated to further prevent shattering by containing cracks if it breaks.

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