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Should You Replace Your Windows, Or Can Window Films Help?

american solar tinting window films

Window films can update your windows so you don’t have to completely replace them.

It is finally officially fall! The summer is behind us, and one thing is certain: commercials for updating, upgrading, or replacing your windows are everywhere. With the coming cold weather, everyone is advertising that the best time to update those windows is now! But is replacing your windows completely the only way to update your windows? Fortunately, the answer is no – depending on the severity of the damage or the age of your windows. If your windows are still in relatively good condition, you may be able to enjoy many of the benefits of brand-new windows by simply installing new window films on your existing windows.

Why Do People Replace Their Windows?

There are two primary reasons that most people replace their windows. The first reason is that the windows are old, a little rundown, dingy, or foggy. Generally, people are much more inclined to replace them if they are not visually appealing. After all, your home’s windows play a huge role in its curb appeal. Brand-new windows can change the entire look of your home! Brand-new windows can also let in more light, and (if your old windows are broken or busted) they can let in fresh air. However, perhaps the biggest reason people replace their windows is because they want them to be more energy efficient. Often, they want new, modern windows that will block UV rays to protect items in the home and thermally efficient to prevent heat loss during the winter.

Can Window Films Actually Help With All That?

Depending on the state of your current windows, window films or tints can help with several of these concerns. If your windows are broken and won’t open, window tints won’t solve your problem. Window films cannot help make windows work when they don’t. But they can help with the other issues, like blocking UV light. UV-blocking films can help protect everything inside your house, from the paintings and artwork on the walls to the textiles of the furniture to the flooring. This UV blocking can also help protect your family. 

Window films can also help reduce glare in the home while still allowing in plenty of light. Some window films can also increase the privacy in your home by blocking people from being able to see inside. Window films can help you to update the feel of your house from the outside and improve your curb appeal because new films can give you a whole new look. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, this time of year, window films can help you reduce heat loss in the winter. Most window films have a heat retention capacity that helps you ensure you don’t lose that valuable warm air that you spend money on all winter. In fact, some films reduce heat transfer by up to 50% and block UV energy by 70%. Your window tinting or window film professional can help you choose the suitable film for your needs and professionally install it so that you know it is done right.

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