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The Differences Between Tempered and Laminated Safety Glass

There are two main types of safety glass, tempered and laminated, that you should consider.

If you have decided to invest in safety glass for your home, then you’re making a great choice. Safety glass is designed to resist shattering from impacts, which means that your windows are much less likely to break. Safety glass can be the difference between a burglar versus fending off an intruder, or the factor that keeps your home safe from debris in a bad storm. But there are two main types of safety glass, tempered and laminated, that you will have to consider.

How it’s Made

Tempered safety glass starts as a standard piece of glass and is then heated and cooled in a process called quenching. By heating it and cooling it rapidly, the standard glass becomes tempered and hardened. By contrast, laminated safety glass is created by combining two or more pieces of glass, each with a thin vinyl layer between them. 

How it Works

The quenching process for tempered glass hardens it up to five times stronger than standard glass. Not only does this give it a much higher resistance to breaking, if it breaks, the tempered glass shatters into smaller pieces, which dramatically reduces the risk of cut injuries. For laminated glass, the layers of glass and vinyl make it thicker and stronger as well. Because of these layers, laminated glass can also block UV rays as well as insulate against outside noise.

Pros and Cons

Tempered glass is a great option when you are looking for sturdiness. But it does not offer the additional benefits of laminated glass. Because of this, tempered safety glass will usually be less expensive than laminated glass. On the other hand, laminated glass has the added benefits and is readily available because it is much quicker to make than tempered glass. If you don’t mind the added expense, you can even find thicker types of laminated glass that are near-bulletproof.

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