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Why Did Your Window Suddenly Break?

Stress cracks in windows occur as a result of drastic temperature changes, similar to how a hot dish can crack when you run cold water on it.

There is nothing worse than waking up one morning and noticing that one of the windows in your home are cracked or broken. Nothing seemed to have hit it, so why is cracked all of a sudden? Here are some common reasons why your window can suddenly crack or break.

Stress Cracks

Typically, stress cracks will start out fairly small towards the edge of the window. It will eventually expand across the entire glass so you want to address cracks immediately even if they seem minor. Stress cracks are most commonly caused by drastic changes in temperature. If it’s a really cold day and you suddenly turn the heat all the way up, that could cause a stress crack in the window. This is similar to how a hot dish can crack if you immediately rinse it with cold water. Stress cracks can also occur if you slam your windows.

Impact Break

This is the most apparent reason for window cracks or breakages. This is simply when something hits the glass, causing it to break. You can typically tell when something has hit your glass because the glass will shatter outward from the point of the impact. Safety glass can protect your windows from impact breaks, keeping the glass from flying outward at you. You never want to try to remove the broken glass yourself.

Pressure Cracks

These are the least common types of cracks and always seem to appear out of nowhere. You will most commonly find pressure cracks in insulated glass or double paned windows. These are caused by extreme pressure changes in the weather. They can also appear if the windows were installed at too low or high or an elevation. These cracks are either curved or hourglass shaped. Unfortunately, pressure cracks will typically mean you need a complete window replacement.

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