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How Residential Window Film Keeps Out Unwanted Heat

Monday, November 7th, 2022
How Residential Window Film Keeps Out Unwanted Heat

Considering the thin window film, it’s impressive that it can keep out unwanted heat. Here’s how residential window films keep out unwanted heat.

One question that homeowners want to know is, “How does window film keep unwanted heat out of my home?” As it turns out, window tinting is an effective way to reduce a home’s temperature. Tinted windows are ideal for any homeowner who wants to add more privacy to their homeHowever, tinted windows also minimize the sunlight entering the home, leading to lower internal temperatures. Considering how thin window film is, it’s impressive that it plays such a significant role in heat reduction. American Solar Tinting will walk you through the scientific factors of how residential window films keeps out unwanted heat.  (more…)

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