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The Differences Between Tempered and Laminated Safety Glass

Monday, April 27th, 2020

There are two main types of safety glass, tempered and laminated, that you should consider.

If you have decided to invest in safety glass for your home, then you’re making a great choice. Safety glass is designed to resist shattering from impacts, which means that your windows are much less likely to break. Safety glass can be the difference between a burglar versus fending off an intruder, or the factor that keeps your home safe from debris in a bad storm. But there are two main types of safety glass, tempered and laminated, that you will have to consider.


The Health Benefits Of Window Tinting

Friday, October 13th, 2017
The Health Benefits Of Window Tinting

Window tinting will filter out the UV rays while still allowing the sunlight to come through.

Have you ever been sitting in your house, maybe in the living room, and though it’s cold out you’re still roasting from the sun shining through? It’s the absolute worst feeling, and that’s why you need window tinting. The addition can give you multiple advantages, such as a lower heating and cooling bill, less sunlight that makes you feel like it’s 90 degrees when it’s actually 50 degrees, and less ray exposure. (more…)

4 Benefits of Security Windows

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017
Storm Season security windows Maryland

Protect your home and family from the elements with security windows.

Now that the temperature in Maryland is starting to rise, storm season is inching closer every day. Security windows can ensure that your home will be protected from any strong winds, heavy rain, or loose debris. Here are a few other reasons why security windows are a necessity for your Maryland home. (more…)

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