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What Happens When Window Film Deteriorates

Deteriorating window film may show any combination of signs.

Window film is the substance that is applied to windows to tint them. Over time, this film will eventually start to deteriorate and break down. When it does, you may notice that the tint job starts turning purple or fading, bubbles start forming, or the film starts cracking or peeling, especially from the edges. Deteriorating window film may show any combination of these signs. 

Factors That Encourage Deterioration

Deterioration is a natural process, but some factors make it happen more quickly than it should. The primary one is the installation. Even a very high-quality film will break down more quickly when it isn’t properly installed. This is why you should have a professional install it unless you truly know what you’re doing. Sun exposure will also speed up the deterioration of the window film, causing the dyes in the film to break down and the color to fade. Usually, this causes the film to turn purple, since the yellow dye in the tint is the quickest to break down, leaving red and blue behind. Sun exposure can also cause bubbling if there was too much mounting solution left under the film during installation. When it evaporates, it leaves behind air pockets. This is another reason to avoid DIY installation. Similarly to sun exposure, intense heat can also break down the dyes, as well as the adhesives that hold the film to the glass. This is why the film starts to peel away from the glass, though the break down of the adhesive can also result in bubbles forming anywhere under the film.

Preventing Deterioration

While you can’t completely prevent deterioration, you can hold it off as long as possible. The most important thing you can do is to start with high-quality window film and have it professionally installed. Make sure that your installer uses a good-quality, long-lasting adhesive. Many professionals offer warranties against peeling and bubbling because they know that their installation process uses quality materials and removes as much of the mounting fluid as possible. After that, the best way to extend the life of your window film is with simple maintenance. Follow the care instructions that you receive with the film installation. Try to park the car in the shade whenever possible, or use your garage for the car instead of just storage. If the window film is installed on home, school, or business windows, consider planting some shade trees around the property.

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