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Why Tempered Glass and Window Film Pair Well Together

Why Tempered Glass and Window Film Pair Well Together

there are many reasons why tempered glass and window film pair well together. Here is what you should know about these products individually and combined.

The term “film” might seem weak, thin, and flimsy, which isn’t true because it is excellent at protecting windows from vandalism and inclement weather. You might even believe that window film can’t outperform tempered glass. Well, you’re right. Tempered glass and window film is supposed to work together and not against each other. Window film is an incredible product that comes in various options. Moreover, there are many reasons why tempered glass and window film pair well together. Here is what you should know about these products individually and combined.

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is a toughened safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to enhance its strength compared to normal glass. Unlike regular or annealed glass, Tempered glass is strong and doesn’t splinter as easily into jagged pieces. Instead, tempered glass shatters into dull cubes instead of jagged shards. 

In fact, in 2018, M3 Glass Technologies stated that tempered glass is five times stronger than annealed glass! Tempered glass breaks on impact in a less physically harmful way than annealed glass that won’t cause bodily harm or damage to interiors. 

More Benefits and Applications of Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is best for areas where regular glass could be problematic. For example, windows in areas with excess moisture, such as bathrooms, showers, and saunas, benefit from tempered glass. Additionally, windows larger than nine square feet often require tempered glass, depending on governing regulations. 

Also, windows or glass partitions near or added to stairs, ramps, or landings will most likely require tempered glass. However, as durable as tempered glass is alone, it could be better. For preventative measures such as break-ins, you can’t prevent this. Therefore, tempered glass and window film is an excellent pairing. 

How Window Film Enhances Tempered Glass

Safety and security window film offers enhanced safety and security features that tempered glass lacks. When you combine the two, you benefit from a more durable glass. You can apply window film to existing glass windows and doors. Even if your business or own doesn’t have tempered glass, window film is still an extra layer of protection. 

Window film holds glass together when there is blunt force, preventing the glass from dispersing and causing bodily harm. Furthermore, the glass being harder to shatter completely slows wrongdoers down or prevents them from breaking in altogether. Also, tempered glass and window film is excellent for storm protection

Finally, window film makes tempered glass more energy efficient and helps a building stay cooler during the day, especially when it’s hot outside. Contact American Solar Tinting today whenever you’re ready to experience the benefits of window film. 

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