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Window Tint Applications: Both Exterior and Interior

american solar tinting window tint

Window tints will reduce the infrared lights, heat, and UV rays that enter your home or business, whether it’s on the inside or outside of the window.

It’s no secret that residential and commercial window tints have many benefits. We’ve published many blogs that discuss how you can save money on energy costs with window tinting. Another advantage is that your home or business can become more private with a window tint. 

However, what about the application process? A common question is if residential and commercial window tints go on the inside or outside of the window. The type of windows you have, the location, the type of window film, and the problem you want to resolve will determine this. Our experts at American Solar Tinting will walk you through what you need to know about interior and exterior window tint applications. 

What to Consider About a Window Tint

Window tints will reduce the infrared lights, heat, and UV rays that enter your home or business, whether it’s on the inside or outside of the window. You can look forward to lowered cooling and heating costs, a more comfortable environment, and less damage to your furniture or furnishings. 


Until a few years ago, window tint usually went on the inside of the glass. An interior installation protects the film from the weather and guarantees less damage. When applied to the glass’ interior, the sun’s heat and UV rays come through the glass before the film rejects them. In this case, the heat and UV rays stay out of homes and businesses. However, the heat and UV rays pass through the glass twice. 


If your home has double-paned windows, a lot of heat can accumulate between the panes. Therefore, interior window tint is not the best for dual pane windows. In this case, an exterior window tint application would be better to ensure that heat and UV rays do not enter. Exterior window tints are also robust and durable enough to withstand the weather and are an excellent option for controlling heat and preventing damage from debris to the glass. 

Why Use an Interior Window Tint?

An interior window tint is best when you’re not concerned about the weather damaging the film. It’s also ideal when you don’t have to consider trees or other environmental concerns scratching the film. This application will benefit you if you’re a business owner who prefers a more straightforward installation without cranes or rigging the exterior. 


Either way, American Solar Tinting offers high-quality window tints warranted for interior and exterior applications. Our window tinting experts talk you through which option would be best. 

Why Use Exterior Window Tints? 

Once again, an exterior application is best if you have double-paned windows. However, there are other reasons why an exterior window tint application might be better for your home or business, such as: 

  • The preference to not move furniture or disrupt work or daily routines
  • The preference to not be in constant contact with the professional installers 
  • Exterior window tints can combine with other options to add extra safety and security to your windows
  • Benefits properties with artificial turf by reducing the danger of burning it because of a reflective glare 

Contact American Solar Tinting today to learn more about the benefits of window tint applications for your home or business. 


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