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Keep Your Home Energy Efficient with Solar Tinting

While the long and lazy days of summer are perfect for sitting out by the pool or lounging with a glass of lemonade, there is one thing they are decidedly not good for: energy expenditures. During the summer months, the average American’s household air conditioning bill can run as high as $400, which is a serious chunk of your vacation fund! Is there a way to keep your home energy efficient while still staying cool indoors? There is, with the help of American Solar Tinting.

Window Tinting Keeps Energy Costs Low in Summer

Saving money on your energy bill does not have to mean you sit in a sweltering hot home all summer long. With solar tinting, your windows can keep out the brightest sunlight that can make your home feel like an oven in the heat of the day. When you are able to make the one-time investment of quality solar tinting for your windows and glass doors, you will see the incredible savings that you make in return in the long run. Using less energy is not only a wallet-friendly option; it’s an environmentally-friendly one.

Additional Benefits of Window Tinting

Besides saving you money, why else should you consider having your windows tinted? For one thing, tinted windows are extremely beneficial for your eyes; they keep harsh glare down to a minimum and protect your eyes from potential damage. They have the same healthy effect for your skin- by preventing up to 99% of harmful UV rays from entering your home, your skin will stay protected from the sun. And what is good for your skin is equally as good for your furniture; solar tinting can help keep your furnishings and carpets from fading due to sun exposure throughout the day.

No matter what the season, it is never a bad time to consider solar tinting for your windows. Have questions? Call American Solar Tinting today for more information.

Energy Efficiency

American Solar Tinting offers the highest quality window and glass tinting for your Baltimore business. Installation is simple and quick while still being effective and efficient. We are also authorized distributors and applicators of a number of high quality window film products.

To increase your employees’ productivity, call American Solar Tinting today at 1-800-0100. You can also visit our contact page for an online contact form as well as the numbers for each of our 5 locations.

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