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Residential Window Tinting Helps Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy bills can be a drain on anyone’s wallet. According to the U.S. Department of Energy up to 43% of a home’s utility bill typically goes towards heating and cooling costs. Furthermore approximately half  of those payments are wasted on loss of heat and unwanted heat gain through windows. As energy prices continue to increase and resources diminish, finding a way to mitigate these costs can appear difficult, if not downright impossible. Fortunately for homeowners everywhere there is a way to dramatically increase both energy efficiency and savings.


Energy Efficiency, Window TintingWindow tinting, once strictly associated with celebrity limousines and unmarked white vans, is becoming increasingly popular with ordinary homeowners, and for a good reason, it saves money and resources!


To understand why window tinting can help save both your wallet and the planet, a short science lesson is in order. Solar energy is transferred or transmitted by infrared waves. This energy is converted to heat when the waves come into contact with objects and people. This is called transmission. However during this process a certain amount of infrared energy will fail to pass through an object and be sent back towards its source, this is known as reflection. The special tints on UV and heat deflecting window tints, typically made with a concrete or metallic based polymer, dramatically reduce infrared transmission while increasing reflection, all while leaving the spectrum of visible light (The stuff that actually lights up a room) largely unaffected.

Saves Money Year-Round

Cooling a hot room via air-conditioning requires a considerable amount of energy, and naturally reducing the temperature by only a few degrees can cut energy costs by as much as 25%. Window tinting can reduce temperatures enough to allow you to comfortable turn off an AC system even during the middle of a hot summer day, or make it that much easier to install a less powerful and vastly cheaper system.

Summer isn’t the only time window tinting can help, infrared reflection works both ways and what keeps the heat out during the summer, keeps it in during the winter months as well. Overall, window tinting can vastly improve resource saving, energy efficiency, and can cut energy bills in half!

Additionally, thanks to 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, homeowners who improve their energy efficiency are eligible to receive federal tax credits, which can help offset the initial cost of window installation.

Sound Interesting?

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