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Residential Window Tinting vs. Replacement Windows: Which is the Better Investment?

It’s one of those things that is easy to oversee, but windows make a huge impact when it comes energy-efficiency. Windows are responsible for the solar heat gain and radiant loss in a home. Making an investment in your windows can pay off huge. With all the options out there, between residential window tinting and replacement windows, it can be a bit confusing at first.

Residential window tinting

Residential window tinting can be a very effective investment for your home








Energy efficient replacement windows are capable of a cutting down your home’s energy bill and keeping you comfortable. Although there are clear benefits to having the windows replaced, most of the time is unnecessary and very costly. Replacements windows will be a good investment if the current windows are broken or beyond repair. When looking at replacing the majority of windows in a home then things get a little more expensive. Replacement windows can cost anywhere between $200 to $1,000 and when that is multiplied by the amount of windows there are then cost can be steep and it’ time to reconsider the investment.

If the windows are in good shape then residential window tinting will cost a fraction of the price of replacement windows, while still providing the benefits of energy efficiency.

Residential window tinting provides other benefits as well. Normal windows block between 40-50% of UV rays while tinted windows block as much a 99%. UV rays can damage the furniture in your home and can be harmful to your health.

Window tinting also increases the privacy and security of your home as well ., Tinted windows make it difficult for outsiders to peek inside, providing another reason why residential window tinting makes a great investment.

Residential window tinting will help reduce your energy bill, increase your privacy, and block UV rays for an affordable price.

Residential Window Tinting from American Solar Tinting

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