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The Role of Windows in Business Curb Appeal

Windows Curb Appeal

In order to boost curb appeal, window tints and window graphics can help turn a passerby into a customer.

If your business relies on foot traffic, how effective are your windows at highlighting why customers should pay attention to your store? Many business owners make the mistake of spending too much money on sign waivers, and they don’t focus on the aesthetic appeal of their storefront. In order to boost curb appeal, window tints and window graphics can help turn a passerby into a customer.

Improve Your Appeal with Window Tinting

Humans are visual creatures, and striking visualizations will draw us towards something. Whether you sell cakes or bikes, a customer needs to be able to visual using your product. If someone walking by your storefront finds a delicious cake starting back at them through a pristine looking window, they can start to picture themselves eating your baked goods. If you have your bikes displayed through the right window setting, a customer can see a bike they will want to purchase before they even enter your store. Many business owners worry that the sun will damage their products or create excessive heat, but window tinting helps keep the heat outside. When creating the right visuals, you start to remove barriers and help to increase a customer’s shopping experience.

Window Graphics Impress Customers

Customers have a keen eye for a business owner who goes the extra mile to make his or her business look good. If you really want to turn foot traffic into actual sales, adding window graphics is a great and cost-effective technique to attract customers. You can really draw people in with an impressive graphic, and that will peak their curiosity. With the ease and flexibility of graphics, you can also highlight different promotions and sales without worrying about having a permanent design on your windows and doors. If you want to add different graphics for different holidays, you have that flexibility.

The Importance of Curb Appeal

You may still think that adding graphic displays or tinting your windows won’t make much of a difference, but the reality is curb appeal is critical in gaining new customers. In fact, a consultant for a North Carolina town facing declining tourism stated that up to 70% of first-time sales are because of the curb appeal of a business. With percentages like that, you can see why your window displays can play such a critical role in the success of your business. If you want to boost your curb appeal, you are in the market for window tinting! As a factory authorized dealer of Vista® and LLumar® window films in Baltimore, we provide our customers with not only the highest quality installations, but the highest quality products. Our solar tinting is professionally installed with no mess, no hassle, and minimal disruption. If you need residential or business Window Tinting, please call American Solar Tinting today at 1-800-0100. You can also follow American Solar Tinting today on Google+PinterestFacebook, and Twitter.

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